The origins of stand-up paddle boarding

Stand up paddle boarding is no longer just a seaside resort hobby. It originated on the beaches of Hawaii in the 20th century and quickly spread worldwide.

Thanks to the long paddle, the board can be moved in different directions. The sport requires no specials skills, apart from a little bit of patience while getting used to standing and paddling. Riding on the board is so simple that anyone who tries it can move smoothly on the surface after only a few minutes of practice. The sport is even suitable for small children. Apart from standing on the board, you can also sit and lie on it, and even practice yoga, which are part of related sports, paddleboarding and paddle board yoga.


Accompanying programme

Throughout the weekend, there will also be an accompanying programme for families with children, both on water and land. On Friday there will be a beautiful sunset ride around the island with Charles Bridge, Prague Castle and the National Theatre in the background. On Saturday, a paddleboard workshop for children and a free paddleboard ride will be available. There will also be a paddleboard fitness class. Testing of various paddleboard brands will also be included in the events programme.




Střelecký Island, Prague 1

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