Iván Gutiérrez leads an adventurous life. He was born in New York to Colombian parents, and has lived in Colombia, Mexico and the United States of America, where he studied mathematics, philosophy, music theory and Chinese at Binghamton University and the University of Wisconsin. In 1993 he came to Prague, as at the time he was living with a Czech emigrant in the USA, who he met while he was studying in Wisconsin.

Meeting Navarová

In Prague, he met the singer Zuzana Navarová and in 1994 they formed a three-member band Tres, along with bassist Karel Cába. They released a self-titled album that included some of Iván’s older songs. Later, Zuzana Navarová and Iván Gutiérrez formed a band named Koa. Iván recorded several records with this band and he wrote songs for them, such as the famous Taši delé. In 2001, Gutiérrez left the band and returned to Colombia.

Return and Madera

Two years later, he returned and set up a band called Madera with the bassist Tadeáš Mesány. The two men met in the bar Duende, in Prague. In 2005, they released their first CD. The band has had several changes of personnel, but they still play today with David Landštof on drums, Tadeáš Mesány playing bass, Ondřej Kabrna on keyboard and Iván Gutiérrez on vocals.

They are currently performing concerts all over the Czech Republic, playing songs from their albums Madera and Jardín amurallado, as well as other original songs and songs by other artists.


Iván Gutiérrez & Madera will play on 07/02/2019. The concert starts at 7pm.


For more information, please visit www.jazzdock.cz. Please note that the website is in Czech.


Jazz Dock’s programme

06/02/19 Dorota Barová

07/02/19 Iván Gutiérrez & Madera

08/02/19 Katarzia (SK)

09/02/19 Jiří Levíček

10/02/19 Armin Reich Bigband

11/02/19 Futur Swing

12/02/19 Vladimír Merta



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