The oldest dragon boat race in the Czech Republic is calling out to all sports enthusiasts and dragons. On the 11th and the 12th of May 2019, the 22nd annual Prague Dragon Boat Festival will take place on the river Vltava. Boats will sail from Žluté lázně and a busy programme will offer fun activities for all ages, a charity race and top-level racing.

The Prague Dragon Boat Festival is the oldest race of its kind in the Czech Republic. Experienced sportsmen and sportswomen will race along with both amateur and corporate crews, both on standard and small boats. As in previous years, there will be a 2km race as well as a 200-meter-long sprint. There will also be a children's and youth competition.


Legend and history

Where does the dragon boat race come from? A Chinese legend tells of a popular man, Qu-Yuan, who was politically engaged in his city and became its councillor. However, he disagreed with local political practices after some time, and jumped off a cliff in protest. When the inhabitants of the city learned what had happened, they searched for him on their boats. Even though the rescue failed, they set out on the river every year, drumming in his memory. The dragon boat first appeared more than 2000 years ago in China, with a typical dragon’s head on top of a colourful boat. The modern era of dragon boat racing dates back to 1976 when the first festival took place in Hong Kong. From there, this exciting sport has quickly spread throughout the world.


Charity programme

Prague City Hall is sponsoring the 22nd year of the Prague Dragon Boat Festival. The event promises entertainment once again.

ROTARY DRAGON BOAT CHARITY CHALLENGE is a special race for beginner amateur teams. As the name suggests, this 200-metre race, which will take place on Saturday afternoon, is a charity event. Crews will also be formed by children from children's homes that will have celebrity VIP patrons. Among them will be Ljuba Krbová (five-time winner of the children's racing boat drummer), David Novotný, Simona Vrbická, Lucie Juřičková, Martin Zahálalka, and others. There will also be a rich accompanying programme full of fun activities for children, such as competitions and painting.

Come and witness how athletes deal with the unconventional vessels. The official opening of the festival, part of which will be the ceremonial awakening of the dragon, takes place on Saturday around midday, after the first race block.


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Saturday 11/05/19


9am: Beginning of the festival

9:30am: Rotary DB Charity Challenge – 200m charity race for amateur teams

12:00: Prague SUP Race – long-distance marathon


2:00pm:  race MIX / OPEN / WOMEN Standard Boat 200m

5:00pm: race MIX / OPEN / WOMEN Standard Boat 2km

8:15pm: viewing of Ice Hockey World Championship: Czech Republic vs. Norway in Tančírna pub

Followed by DJ Dragon & SUP Party in Tančírna pub + tent + terrace


Sunday 12/05/19

10:00am: race 200m / 1km Small Boat

3:00pm: FESTIVAL FINALE - announcement of results



11/05/19 -12/05/19


Venue: Žluté lázně

Podolské nábřeží 3


Admission to Žluté lázně: CZK 30/50; children up to 100cm go free.