The largest library of technical literature in the Czech Republic, with a capacity of over 1.5 million books, was opened on the 9th of September 2009. “The library has been full of life ever since it opened its doors from the first time and attendance has been steadily rising. Lots of people managed to build something that was missing here before. In other words, people need the library and that pleases us a lot,” Martin Svoboda, the library director, said.

The new, award-winning nine-storey building with a curved rectangular shape offers day and night study rooms, 1300 study and 500 relaxation places, terminals with access to the catalogue, a self-service loan system and other modern library services. The most impressive feature of the library is the atrium, with its open plan and colourful design, which provides access to all public areas within the library.


Tenth birthday

A rich programme is prepared for the tenth anniversary of the opening, including an exhibition of photographs and rare books from the Rare Books & Special Collections.

“The visitors can see books such as ‘Mechanika’, Hanus Holtzhammer’s 1603 manuscript containing 134 hand-painted images of various machines and drives. We will also exhibit the 1565 Venetian edition of the book ‘L’Architettura’, a work on architecture by Italian humanist Alberti.” Petr Nouza, one of the event organisers, said.


Music programme

Collegium 1704, a renowned early music orchestra which focuses predominantly on the high baroque period, will also perform during the celebrations.

In the evening, the popular alternative Prague band Tata Bojs will play their famous hits, such as ‘Attention aux hommes’, ‘Léčitel’ and ‘Tanečnice’ in front of the library.


Guided tours

You can also walk through the library with a guide and learn about its history and origins, as well as information about the services it offers to customers today.