‘Masopust’ is the period between the arrival of Three Wise Men and Ash Wednesday. The most famous and joyful time are the last days, which are associated with pleasure and feasting. The Žižkov Carnival is one of the oldest events of its kind in Prague. Its popularity is well spread; ‘Masopust’ has a place in the hearts of the city’s inhabitants. It also helps to strengthen friendships and neighbourly relationships within the community.

The fun begins on Saturday

A rich program will be prepared. Some of the events to look forward to include the magnificent carnival farmer’s market at Jiřího z Poděbrad Square and the musical performance of the Řešeto group. And the celebrations continue...

A spectacular feast on Sunday

Various traditional pork delicacies such as ‘jelítka’, ‘jitrnice’, ‘prejt’ and ‘prdelačka’ soup inherently belong to ‘Masopust’ and, of course, they will be all on offer for the traditional carnival feast in Žižkov's iconic, traditional Czech pub U ‘Vystřelenýho oka’. The pub, which is one of the few truly traditional old-style Prague pubs, is located in a small alley, ‘U Božích bojovníků’. A little respite from the feasting and pleasant relaxation can be found in the light-hearted guided tour of Žižkov. And who knows, maybe you will come across the dreaded ‘žižkovský Pepík’ on the way, with his colourful a scarf around his neck. Have no fear, today, it's just a funny nickname for the guys from the neighbourhood during the traditional carnival that ends on Tuesday in Prague 3.

Carnival parade

The most exciting part of the programme is the traditional carnival parade every year. The band, along with stilt walkers, artists, and giant puppets of angels and piglets will set off on the streets from Jiřího z Poděbrad Square. They will proceed to the Town Hall to request a key of Žižkov. From there, they will head to Viktoria Žižkov stadium. You can expect plenty of music, goodies from the traditional pig slaughter and the announcement of the best masks. At the end, the spectacular fireworks show will brighten the night sky, marking the end of the carnival until next year.


Saturday 02/03

8AM – 2PM carnival farmer’s market at Jiřího z Poděbrad Square

1PM – 2PM ‘Řešeto’ musical performance

2PM – 5PM a masquerade afternoon for children in Hotel Olšanka including art workshops, theatre, and Václav Upír Krejčí's performance

Sunday 03/03

11AM – 5PM Carnival feast in pub ‘U Vystřelenýho oka’

2PM – 5PM ‘Bécalicca’ traditional cimbalom music band and a guided tour of Žižkov

Tuesday 05/03

11AM – 8PM carnival pig slaughter feast

4PM organisation of masks for the parade, small musical performances

5PM departure of the parade

5:50PM small musical performance and the handover of the keys from the Town Hall

7PM – 8PM announcement of the best masks and fire show

Free admission to all events

Free tickets for all events for children in Hotel ‘Olšanka’ can be collected in the Prague 3 Information Centre