Prague’s Mayor Bohuslav Svoboda, the Mayor of Prague 1, Oldřich Lomecký and representatives of Penta and organisations that have already signed a tenancy contract, all of them have ceremonially knocked on the foundation stone.

Former publishing houses have disappeared

The investment group Penta has already gained building permission. The building will take up the place of the area that used to belong to Rudé právo publishing house as well as other printing and publishing houses from the 1930s. This area used to belong to the seats of publishing houses: Večerní Praha, Československy sport, Blesk, deník Metro and etc.

Large investments

Based on the Penta’s information, the total expenses for the demolition of the buildings are in the region of five billion Czech crowns. The project was done in cooperation with the renowned company Cígler Marani Architects, which boasts some great projects, such as The Park in the South City housing estate or revitalisation of  Wenceslas Square.

Garden as football pitch

As opposed to many other projects in Prague, Florentinum has a large area of free space, the size of a football pitch, right in its centre. “There will also be full-grown plane trees,” said the architect Jakub Cígler, who enriched his previous project with wonderful greenery. Piazetta will become a public space with cafes and restaurants, which will connect the street Na Florenci with the street Na Poříčí.

One third is rented

The foundation base hasn’t been finished yet and one third of the 49 thousand square metres is already rented. Some of the remaining area will be occupied by the daughter companies of Penta. The building should be finished by 2013.

Beginning of changes

Florentinum is the first building that will become part of a new solution to the whole area.  Other buildings should rise in the empty area around the Masaryk Train Station. It is possible that the area will become connected with Opletalova Street and Karlín within some twenty years.