Should the owner appeal against the second decision of the Ministry of Culture, the Minister of Culture itself, Alena Hanáková (STAN) would be deciding on the matter. According to her statement, the historical value of the building is unquestionable.

The owner of the building, the company Žižkov Station Development, received the decision on 28th February. From this date there is a 15-day period during in which they can appeal against that decision. The building has already been declared a cultural heritage but following the appeal of the owner, the Minister of Culture Jiří Besser revoked the decision and returned the case for the review. For the second time now, the Department of National Heritage Preservation came to the conclusion that the train station counts amongst Czech culture heritage due to its historical, technical and architectonic value.

According to the decision, the extensive railway station building is an exceptional example of the functionalist technical building that was preserved in a rather intact form.  As opposed to the previous declaration, the adjacent reception buildings and original fencing were not included amongst culture heritage.

The company Žižkov Station Development, which is owned by Sekyra Group and Czech Railways, planned to build a new residential district at the train station site. The final decision will result in the change of the territorial plan as is deemed necessary for the potential development of the site.