The famous Slovenian architect and Urbanist, Josip Plečnik, was born 140 years ago. In the Czech Republic his name is predominantly associated with Prague Castle, of which he was Chief Architect from 1920 to 1934. Also celebrating an anniversary this year is Plečnik’s kostel Nejsvětějšího srdce Páně (Church of the Most Sacred Heart of Our Lord) which dominates Prague’s Jiřího z Poděbrad Square. Plečnik completed this building 80 years ago.

Pavel Janák, whose birth in March is celebrated in its 130th anniversary, was not only a prominent architect, but also a designer and theorist, Rector of the  Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design and also Chief Architect of Prague Castle after Plečnik. Janák also focused on the issues of Urbanism, his most famous Urbanist project is the Baba villa estate in Prague.

Until the end of February Trmalova Villa is also exhibiting furnishings designed by both architects – Janák’s original armchair, chair and table will be on loan from the Museum of Decorative Arts, while Galeria Modernista is to lend Janák’s cubist ceramics. The work of Slovenian architect Plečnik will be represented by an armchair on loan from Prague Castle. 

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