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Celkový počet: more than 130
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  • 4. 7. 2014 Reinforced Transport to Prague Zoo
    Starting on Saturday 5th July, articulated buses will be introduced on bus route no. 112.
  • 3. 7. 2014 Traffic Restrictions in Žitná, Resslova and Odborů Streets
    Due to renovation works on the tram tracks in Karlovo Náměstí, some traffic restrictions have been implemented in the area from Saturday 28th June 2014 on.
  • 3. 7. 2014 Only One Lane Opened in Průběžná and Švehlova Streets
    The vast works on the tram tracks between Průběžná and Švehlova from 28th June to 14th September require some traffic restrictions.
  • 30. 6. 2014 Myslíkova - Resslova - Moráň under Reconstruction
    Reconstruction works on the tram track Myslíkova – Resslova – Moráň are divided into two phases. The first (Myslíkova – Resslova) begins on 28th June and its completion is expected on 19th July. The second phase (Moráň – Palackého nám.) will be finished by 8th August.
  • 30. 6. 2014 15T For City Trams Reach One Hundred
    A hundredth tram 15T For City started its service from Friday 27th June along the line no. 18. It can be recognised by a logo and a registration no. 9300.
  • 20. 6. 2014 Tram Track Repairs in Summer
    Almost eight kilometres of tram tracks in four different city locations will undergo repair works. Total costs will exceed 400 million CZK. It will be financed out of EU funds and funds from Prague Public Transit Company.
  • 20. 6. 2014 Celebrate Integrated Transport from Prague to Štěchovice
    Praguers can celebrate the ten year anniversary of the integrated bus line between Prague and Štěchovice by boat trip or ride on a historical bus. The event is held on 21st June.
  • 14. 6. 2014 Reconstruction of Walls at Strahov Tunnel Will Partly Restrict Traffic
    Reconstruction of pilot walls at the north portal of Strahov tunnel involves the removal of non-bearing and poor-quality concrete, including reinforcement. Eroded rock will also be removed from between the pilots and from behind the face walling to a frost-resistant depth of at least 20 cm, where a drainage pipe will run through this opening.
  • 13. 6. 2014 NÁRODNÍ METRO STATION Opens on Friday 27th June
    The renovation of the tram tracks in Vodičkova and Lazarská streets finish at the same time.
  • 11. 6. 2014 Prague Public Transport Having Longer Intervals During Summer
    Each year the number of passengers using the Prague Public Transport declines due to the summer holiday and this leads to some adjustments to the timetables. As usual, the summer intervals are going to divide into the pre-holiday and the holiday period, however, this year’s changes to services are more subtle. As announced by Filip Drápal, the ROPID spokesperson.
Celkový počet: more than 130
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