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  • 12. 11. 2013 Speed Dating in Metro A
    Every Saturday there will be one wagon in each of Metro A’s trains dedicated to communication and meeting new people. This intention to create a place for single people to meet each other has finally become reality. Saturday was chosen the most suitable day because people tend to slow down and are more open to communication.
  • 4. 11. 2013 Tram Bridge Rámusák to Be Pushed to the Riverbank and Dismantled
    The tram line on the legendary tram bridge Rámusák, the role of which will be taken over by Troja bridge, obstructed the completion of Blanka tunnel. What is happening in the area right now?
  • 1. 11. 2013 Music in Metro
    Prague Public Transport Company (PPTC) launches a project to make travelling more pleasant and lift passengers’ spirits. At the moment, passengers can only enjoy music from loud speakers at Můstek A metro station.
  • 31. 10. 2013 Minor Changes in Public Transport in November
    Based on the evaluation of transport surveys, requirements of individual city districts and following the termination of some constructions, minor changes in the public transport have been scheduled for the end of October and the beginning of November 2013.
  • 30. 10. 2013 Metro C Operation to be Partially Suspended
    Due to a complete replacement of two railroad switches at Háje metro station, the operation of the underground line C will be suspended during the first two weekends in November between the stations Kačerov - Háje. During the time of the suspension, Prague Public Transit Company (PPTC) will provide substitute bus transport XC.
  • 29. 10. 2013 WINTER TIME: Public Transport Changes, Some Ferry Boats Finishing
    The coming change of time that happens at night between 26th October and 27th October also coincides with changes in Prague public transport timetables. The summer operation of ferry-boats is drawing to a close. We publish also changes related to Autumn holiday.
  • 24. 10. 2013 NEW PRAGUE PUBLIC TRANSPORT INFOCENTRE at Main Train Station
    Even before the new information centre of Prague Public Transit Company (PPTC) at the Main train station opened, tourists arriving in Prague had started gathering. This centre has become the sixth information centre of PPTC, which transports in total about one million passengers a year.
  • 17. 10. 2013 Metro Celebrating
    Prague Public Transport (DPP) is due to celebrate a truly historical moment. Its metro was constructed 40 years ago.
  • 11. 10. 2013 NEW METRO LINE D: Pankrác to Písnice Line Could Be Running in 2022
    VIDEO: Prague City Council has approved a proposal for construction of the first stage of the new metro line. European funding will be the condition for work to begin.
  • 30. 9. 2013 NEWS ON THE RAIL: New Carrier Between Prague and Kralupy
    Every two hours, a train from the Arriva company, connected to the Deutsche Bahn, runs between Masaryk Station and Kralupy.
Celkový počet: more than 130
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