As of 4th March, the longer daytime operation of the underground and connecting bus transportation on nights from Friday to Saturday and from Saturday to Sunday will be canceled, due to a low number of passengers making use of the extended transport.

Night transportation extended

The last metro following the original timetable will thus operate on the night from 3rd to 4th March 2012. The cancelled Friday and Saturday connections will be substituted by standard night trams and buses. In comparison to the timetables prior to the establishment of extended daytime operation, i.e. prior to 1st September 2010, night transportation is extended in such a way that it adequately covers the capacity, as well as all city districts.

Other changes are of a less significance characters and concern some city and regional PIT buses:

Changes on individual routes

  • 302 – on working days, some of the buses are newly guaranteed as low-floor vehicles. The last bus at weekend nights is preserved on the shortened route Bakovská–Přezletice (connected with bus no. 513)
  • 306 – some working day buses are extended to the stops Dobrovíz, komerční zóna; Dobrovíz and Dobrovíz, obecní úřad
  • 316 – some buses are newly guaranteed as low-floor vehicles
  • 355 – some buses on working day afternoons are extended to Horoměřice, V Lipkách–Únětice
  • 405 – some working day buses are extended to Horoušany, Horoušánky–Úvaly, žel. st.
  • 510 – last weekend bus from Letiště Ruzyně is canceled and substituted by buses no. 179 and 167
  • 608 – departure stop Kobylisy is relocated to Nad Šutkou Street (connected with bus no. 505)
  • 615 – departure stop in Dejvická area is relocated to Vítězné náměstí together with bus no. 604
  • Changes in bus stops

    Černošice, Javorová – new bus stop on the 415 route

    Černý Most – change in the location of departure stops for buses no. 181, 186, 223, 240, 250, 261, 273, 296, H1

    Dobrovíz, komerční zóna – new stop on the 306 route

    Sekeřická – new stop on the 296 route in the direction of Sídliště Skalka