Ferry P1: Sedlec - Zámky

This line operates between Sedlec and Zámky on the northern edge of Prague. This area is attractive because you can use it if you want to make a trip to the Vltava valley (circling Stromovka – Troja – Zámky – Sedlec – Podbaba – Stromovka). The ferry is convenient for cyclists who can cover the journey form Bohnice to Suchdol in less than 20 minutes.

Ferry P2: V Podbabě - Podhoří

The ferry connects both shores of the Vtava River by the Šárka valley and Podhoří. This line is attractive mainly because it connects Prague 6 and Troja and can be used for both leisure and everyday journeys.

Ferrry P3: Lihovar - Dvorce-Žluté lázně

Ferry P3 is to be found in the south of the city, close to the Distillery in Smíchov, its second stop being Yellow Spa. It offers an attractive connection between Podolí and Zlíchov where it connects with surface transport lines at stations Lihovar and Dvorce.

Ferry P4: Dětský ostrov – Národní divadlo-Hollar

Ferry P4 is anchored on the embankment between Karlovy lázně (Charles Spa) and the National Theatre – you have to walk down to the river and look for the station Hollar. The ferry connects Střelecký (Shooting), Slovanský (Slavonic) and Dětský (Children’s) Islands, making it an ideal recreational line as the islands are noted for pleasant shaded areas, refreshment stalls and sports facilities.

Ferry P5: Císařská louka – Jiráskovo náměstí

Ferry P5 is similarly interesting because it gives you an opportunity to see the city when travelling from Tančícího dům (Dancing House) to Císařská louka (Emperor’s Meadow). The journey offers unique views of the historical parts of Prague.

Ferry P6: Modřany - Lahovičky

The Southern part of Prague offers only a few options connecting the two Vltava shores. Both embankments are increasingly used by in-line skaters and cyclists. On the right embankment, the main cycle path A2 tends to be overused. The ferry also offers an attractive fast connection to the less-burdened left shore with its main cycle path A1.

Public transport information

Prague ferries arre part of the public transport system and are operated by 1. Všeobecná Člunovací Společnost (First General Boating Company).Ferries do not operate when the Vltava River’s water level rises or when access to the pier is compromised. For up-to-date information about Prague ferries visit this website.

Map of Prague ferries

A map of individual ferries (P1 to P6) can be found on the website of Prague ferries, which also provides regularly up-dated timetables for all six lines. We recommend using mainly ferries P4 and P5, which not only facilitate journeys from one shore to the other in the centre of Prague, but are great sightseeing tours at the same time.

Fares in Prague

Since 1st July 2011, there have been changes in PIT tariffs. An adult transfer ticket costs 32 CZK and is valid for 90 minutes. A transfer ticket for 24 CZK is only valid for 30 minutes.
For detailed information on individual tariffs, go to the section Fareson the Prague Public Transit Company website. For information on regional transport fares, click here.  
A tourist 24-hour ticket costs 110 CZK, a three-day ticket, 310 CZK. These tickets are available from ticket vending machines and at information centres.

Prague ferries

The recent history of Prague ferries is connected with the year 2005, when they became part of the public transport system. The first ferry to be launched was P1, providing transport between Sedlec and Zámky on the southern outskirts of Prague.  In the following two years, two other ferries, P2 and P3, were launched and after approval by the Council of the City of Prague in 2008, the remaining lines, P4 and P5, started operating. For more information visit the website www.prazskeprivozy.cz.