Basic information about PIT

Prague integrated transport has gradually been developed in the Capital City of Prague and the territory of the Central Bohemian Region which has significant transport relations to the City of Prague. Its aim was to facilitate quality transport and improve its competitive advantage so residents would be inclined to use it more than individual transport. Decisive criteria determining if the integrated system is attractive for residents are time, price, comfort, reliability and security.

The Development of the PIT system is secured by the ROPID organisation (Regional Organiser of Prague Integrated Transport), tel: + 420 234 704 511, If you have any suggestions or complaints concerning PIT, you can use the form in the section Suggestions on the website

What PIT consists of:

Prague Integrated Transport includes the metro, trams, the railway, city and suburban buses, the funicular and ferries. This system has gradually been integrated by uniting transfer and tariff conditions and by a unified transport solution that includes the coordination of timetables. Rail transport (metro, railways, trams) creates the backbone of Prague integrated transport). Bus transport is organised mainly to connect with the terminal rail transport stations.

All rail routes leading from Prague are included in the PIT system. Full integration concerns some parts of the lines in which you can use transfer tickets for an individual journey. In the remaining ones valid time tickets are used. PIT tickets can be used on all passenger trains, regional fast trains and on selected express trains.

The list of all PIT transport operators, including basic information, can be found here.


When travelling in Prague it is advisable to carry a map of Prague Integrated Transport that can be downloaded for free here.

Searching for connections

The application for searching the PIT connection can be downloaded here.

PIT Tariff

PIT tariffs are divided into the stage tariff or the time tariff. The territory of Prague is divided into four tariff zones (P - double zone, 0 and B). All metro, tram and bus lines, ferries, the Petřín funicular and stated railway lines in the territory of Prague belong to the tariff double zone P. Suburban bus lines and other railway line sections in the territory of Prague rank in other tariff zones  (0 or B). The surrounding areas of Prague (the Central Bohemian Region) is divided into 5 outer zones (1, 2, 3, 4, 5).