The timetable includes all 30 Prague Integrated Transport train lines. This is an alternative to the favourite paper timetables.

What are the pros?

“The advantage of this format is that all train schedules are together in one place. This is great especially for those who travel from Prague by train and need to know about all the train lines in the region. Because of its large scope, this information booklet is in a DL format, not in the small one like the paper timetables,” said ROPID’s spokesman Filip Drápal.

Where to get it?

You can get the new paper folding flyer at the Prague Integrated Transport info centre at the Prague Main Railway Station.  They will also be distributed via the stands in metro stations, Transport Co info centres and to the distribution points in selected towns and village in central Bohemia. It will come in handy not only to people from Central Bohemia but also to Praguers who commute to Central Bohemia or use the train to get around Prague.