Ferry all the way to Výtoň

As of 31. 3. 2012, the ferry P5 will be reinstated. This year it will travel by a shorter route. It will go to Císařska louka (Emperor’s Meadow) but won’t cover the route between Výton and Jiráskovo Square. Thanks to that, the intervals can be shortened from the original 60 minutes to 30 minutes. The seasonal P5 line will operate daily until the end of October, between 8 am and 8 pm. From the left embankment you can travel by public transport to Smíchov Train Station (about 500 m from the stop). This ferry is ideal for trips; highly recommendable is the strikingly impressive view of Vyšehrady Rock from Císařska louka (Emperor’s Meadow). On Saturday you can also visit the farmer’s market at Náplavka in Výtoň.

Two boats in Podbaba

The busiest Prague’s ferry P2 between Podbaba and Podhoří can be used for trips to the Zoo or Botanical Garden in Troja. As in the previous year, one more boat will be added as of Saturday 31. 3. 2012. The interval will be shortened from 15 to 7–8 minute.

Bus n. 112 to Zoo reinforced

Bus n. 112 that connects the Nádraží Holešovice station with the Zoo, Botanical garden in Troja and P2 ferry in Podhoří, will travel in shorter intervals as of 31. 3. 2012. On weekdays it will operate every 6 minute and during the weekend every 5 minutes. If needed the service will be supplemented by additional buses. From now on, all these buses will have low-floors.

Warning for Saturday 31. 3. 2012

Between 9 am and 1 pm, the bus n. 112 will terminate in the provisional stop between the stops Čechova škola and Kovárna. From there the passengers will have to go to the Zoo by foot (about 600 m). This is due to an event held in the area.  Also the line 236 that goes to the Zoo will be temporarily suspended. We recommend to all visitors to either use the ferry P2 and walk through Stromovka or to walk from the bus n. 102 and 144 stop Na Pazderce (these lines travel from the metro station Kobylisy). For information on transport in Troja, click on the link:

(www.ropid.cz >> Praktické informace >> Cestujeme >> Doprava do Troji)