Day trams usually finish shortly after midnight; the last ones usually wait for the last metro. Afterwards, night trams start operating. These lines have two-digit numbers with the first one being 5. Night trams wait for each other at crossings. They connect with night buses, marked by three digit numbers, the first one also being number 5.

Intervals between night trams are usually 30 minutes. The last ones leave at 5 a.m. when the day service starts.

Information on public transport

City public transport is operated by Prague Public Transit Co. Inc., which is owned by the City of Prague.
You can get up-to-date information about metro, tram and bus services on the free phone line of Prague Public Transit Company (+ 420 800 19 18 17), which is available daily between 7 a.m. and 9 p.m., or in every info centre of  Prague Public Transit Company (PPTC). Their list is available here.

Public transport map of Prague

When travelling in Prague it is advisable to carry a public transport map that can be downloaded for free from here, or you can pick it from PPTC information centres.

Fares in Prague

Since1st July 2011, there have been changes in PIT tariffs. An adult transfer ticket costs 32 CZK and is valid for 90 minutes. A transfer ticket for 24 CZK is only valid for 30 minutes.
For detailed information on individual tariffs, go to the section Fareson the Prague Public Transit Company website. For information on regional transport fares, click here.  
A tourist 24-hour ticket costs 110 CZK, a three-day ticket 310 CZK. These tickets are available from ticket vending machines and at information centres.

Prague tram service

The Prague tram network is the longest in the Czech Republic. In June 2007, there were 934 trams covering 140.9 km of tracks. The total length of 25 day and 9 night services was 559.3 km. In 2008, Prague trams transported more than 356 million passengers, which comes to 28.5 % making it the second biggest number of people transferred by public transport. For more information visit

Barrier-free trams

The Prague Public Transit Co guarantees low-rise vehicles on the following tram lines.

All vehicles are equipped by special receivers for blind people. This mechanism enables passengers to use remote control to activate an external report providing information about the number of the line and the direction from which it is approaching the station. The same mechanism enables passengers to send an acoustic message to the driver informing him that a blind person wants to board the vehicle, thereby assisting in their safety. The automatic announcements, informing the names of individual tram-stops are beneficial not only to blind people but to all passengers.

Some of the tram traffic-islands have been undergoing an on-going renovation with the aim being of enabling barrier-free access. At some tram stops where the building of new islands is not possible, the development of a special type of platform has been planned. Its principle is based on raising the road to the level of the pavement in the selected section (so called Viennese stop). Such a type of platform is used by passengers only when the tram is standing in the station and in the remaining time it serves as road for cars.