The closure is due to the delayed launch of the administrative and residential Copa Centre development.  For a few years, metro trains will be just passing through the station and the barrier-free entrance in M. D. Rettigové Street will remain unused. It will be possible to enter this area either from Charles Square Station or Můstek.

Delayed  building

The launch of the project was postponed due to some disputes regarding historical cellars and other monuments that were discovered in the course or archaeological rescue research in the area.  The developer opposed the decision to protect these monuments and the Minister of Culture Jiří Besser was on his side as was his predecessor A. Hanáková. The result is that just a part of the cellars will be protected and the building project can proceed.

Vestibule underground

The cost of Copa Centrum should come to four million Czech crowns. The building is planned to fill up an empty space left after several houses were demolished to make space for the metro and Národní třída building. The Copa Centrum will be connected with the metro station. The current vestibule will be demolished and replaced by a new one in the Copa Centrum’s underground. It will be possible to enter the shopping centre directly from the metro.