Prague is constantly striving to improve its image, unfortunately the battle against dishonest taxi drivers seems never-ending. Therefore, when using taxi services, be careful and take the following advice.

Remember that the law states a maximum price of:

40 CZK boarding fee
28 CZK per kilometre
6 CZK per minute waiting


Official taxis must have (among other things):

  • A yellow roof-light with the word TAXI in black lettering on both sides.
  • Black and white chequered stripes on the sides of the vehicle.
  • An identification number, price list and business name (name and surname or company name) on both front doors.
  • Inside the taxi there must be a taxi-meter and the driver's permit must be visible on the dashboard. The permit is yellow and bears the driver's photo and name and the name of the taxi service operator.
  • Inside the taxi there must be a detailed price list outlining all rates of fare used.

It is not advisable to stop a taxi in the street, it is safer to call a taxi through a dispatcher. The dispatcher will also give you an orientational price for your journey. The list of authorised operators is constantly increasing – you will find a  list and 24 hour service here. The staff of your hotel or a tourist information centre will be able to help you choose a taxi service.

Another safe option is to use Fair Place taxi ranks, where the taxis are approved by City Hall and abide by the rules.

Immediately after a passenger boards a taxi the driver must switch on the taxi-meter and at the end of the journey must present a receipt. Insist on the issue of a receipt, especially if you are unhappy with the service or price.

A journey within the historical centre of Prague should not exceed 300 CZK. Other orientational prices are:

Airport Old Town (centre) 400 CZK
Airport Prague Castle 380 CZK
Airport Anděl metro station 450 CZK
Airport Florenc bus station 450 CZK
Airport main railway station 450 CZK
Old Town Prague Castle 80 CZK
Old Town Anděl metro station 100 CZK
Old Town Florenc bus station 100 CZK
Old Town main railway station 100 CZK