Fair Place Taxis

Improving the taxi services has become one of the main aims of Prague City Hall. To this end the institution of supervised taxi ranks was established. Among other conditions these ranks are obliged to guarantee a maximum charge of 28 CZK per kilometre, as set by Prague City Hall. As well as the aforementioned guaranteed fare rate, the supervisors of FAIR PLACE taxi ranks can also ensure a professional approach on the part of drivers and a generally high standard of customer service.

To obtain information, to make comments or complaints, please refer to taxi@cityofprague.cz.

How to find FAIR PLACE taxi ranks

An application for finding taxi ranks which are linked to the FAIR PLACE project can be found here.


Although taxi fares are regulated within the boundary of the City of Prague (40 CZK boarding fee + 28 CZK per km + waiting fee), it is possible, especially if you stop a taxi in the street, that the driver will want to charge you several times more per kilometre than the regulated price. To minimise this risk it is advisable, above all, to use taxi services which operate within the FAIR PLACE project.

The majority of good taxi companies also have telephone dispatching services and operate yellow vehicles. If you call a taxi through a dispatcher you can expect a guaranteed quality of service.

Taxi obligations

By law every taxi must be marked with a black and yellow luminous TAXI sign on its roof. On both front doors it must have not only its identification number, but also the basic fare rates. The same information, in greater detail, should also be available inside the taxi, along with the driver’s permit and a taxi-meter. At the end of a journey the passenger must be issued with a receipt printed out from the taxi-meter and should pay the price indicated on the taxi-meter. If the driver wants to haggle over the price it is a sign that he is asking more than the regular fare.

If you will make some complaints about taxi service - procedure

Any complaints about taxi service shall be submitted in writing to the Office of the Prague City Hall or electronically on the following email addresses: taxi@praha.eu or posta@praha.eu only. Such a complaint cannot be submitted by some person, who knows the particular case solely on hearsay, thus indirectly.

The subject of such complaint may be for instance overcharged fare, refusal to print the receipt (even though it was requested), refusal to provide some requested transportation, etc.

All these complaints are settled by the Department of Transport agendas of the City Hall, section engaged in the issue of the taxi service.

When filing a complaint to the taxi service it is required to give as much information as possible, but at least the particular date of travel, time, license plate number of the vehicle, whether in the vehicle was positioned cab driver's card and name mentioned in this document (you can take a photo); it is also necessary to attach the proof of payment (receipt) – as such should be acquired the output from the printer taximeter only.