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  • 31. 1. 2009 The Biggest Interest Was the Town Hall
    According to the latest information, the biggest interest among tourists was the Old Town Square Town Hall. Last year about 456, 000 tourists visited this historical building.
  • 23. 1. 2009 Even Seagulls Will Be Filmed on Charles Bridge
    After the Kalvarie attacks and the loss of a part of a Hebrew inscription, the City decided to install a surveillance camera system and electronic fence to guard the statues of Charles Bridge.
  • 21. 1. 2009 Prague Commemorated “Palachiáda 1989” and Jan Palach
    19th January 1989 was the day of the 20th anniversary of Jana Palach’s death. It was on this day that State Police faced young people who were protesting against the totalitarian regime.
  • 21. 1. 2009 Exhumation in the Church of Our Lady before Týn
    The famous scientist and astronomer Tycho Brahe rests in peace in Týn Church, Prague. However, his long lasting peace might soon be disturbed. His compatriots ask for permission to exhume his remains. They want to find out if he did not happen to be a victim of crime.
  • 16. 1. 2009 Prague Commemorates the 40th Anniversary of Palach’s Self-Immolation
    Jan Palach set himself ablaze in the upper part of Wenceslas Square on 16th January 1969, he died three days later as a result of extensive burns. His funeral, on 25th January 1969, turned into a major protest against the occupation. Later on, another student, Jan Zajíc, followed his example and burned himself to death at the same place on 25th February. The last student to sacrifice himself was Evžen Plocek, who chose the same way of expressing his protest in April, in the city of Jihlava.
  • 7. 1. 2009 Prague Attracts More Tourists
    In December 2008, Euromonitor International, a leading organization providing market reports issued the Top City Destinations 2007 results.
  • 23. 12. 2008 This Year Chanuka Overlaps with Christmas
    This year the Jewish festival Chanuka starts at sunset of 21st December and will continue until 29th of December. According to tradition, the Chanuka candelabra will be placed at Palach Square and every evening of the festival one of its lights will be lit.
  • 23. 12. 2008 Save Baby Jesus, Called Protesters
    Santa Claus and Father Frost, two monsters, one commercial, the other ideological, were the target of protesters dressed as snowmen who headed for the Government’s Office.
  • 19. 12. 2008 New Information Centre Opened at Airport
    Prague Information Service succeeded in opening its new information point at Prague Airport. This was made possible thanks to the help of the City in negotiating a favourable rent.
  • 16. 12. 2008 Sheraton Hotel in Prague
    The Sheraton Prague Charles Square Hotel is almost finished, and the first tourist will be able to enjoy its luxury as of 1st March 2009.
Celkový počet: more than 116
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