By being appointed cardinal, Dominik Duka has become, along with another 22 newly appointed cardinals, the pope’s collaborator and aide in Church affairs. According to the Code of Canon Law, a member of the College of Cardinals has three tasks: to elect the pope, to be a consistorial advisor of the Pope on the most important issues and to help the Pope in everyday care of the whole Church. The title of Cardinal also entails some ceremonial duties. However, being appointed cardinal does not change any existing powers and responsibilities of the office of Prague archbishop. By being appointed cardinal, Archbishop Duka gains better opportunities in dealing with Roman authorities.

11th Prague Cardinal

Prague Archbishop Dominik Duka is the 11th cardinal among Prague archbishops and 22nd cardinal out of all Bohemian and Moravian dioceses. Prague is also traditionally a place where the title belongs. After WW II the appointment of Prague archbishops cardinals became a rule. (The following have been appointed cardinals: Karel Kašpar, Josef Beran, František Tomáše,Miloslav Vlk.) For a complete list of Prague archbishop and cardinals, visit:

80th birthday of Cardinal Vlk

Until now, the Czech Republic only had one cardinal -Miloslav Vlk, who on 17th May 2012 will celebrate his 80th birthday. This is why he will not be able to elect the Pope anymore, as the Pope is only elected by cardinals under the age of 80.
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