Thousands of Praguers and tourists were revelling the night away through Sunday and Monday lapping up the medieval celebration commemorating the placement of Charles Bridge’s foundation stone.

At the stroke of midnight the legendary magician Žito appeared opening the night to a flood of legends. Following this was a rich program initiating onlookers to the rich history of the Bridge. A laser “pointer” dynamically highlighted Old Town Tower Bridge as experts took turns at enlightening the deep and mysterious historical background of the construction.

Křížovnická Street, adjacent to the Bridge, was changed into the medieval knights jousting ring, the podium in front of Charles Bridge Museum became the domain of musicians, jugglers and to cap it all there was a firework display. The Bridge was being scaled by Swedes, even Golem and his creator showed their faces. The headless knight representing Czech ghosts also arrived and a story about a misfortunate jealous man was unravelled to the audience. They learned that the man can be redeemed only by a kiss from a virgin and that can happen only once every hundred years.

The ceremony of “touching the stone” was carried out between drops of water by Pavel Bém and the 47th grand master of the Křížovníci with Golden Star knight order.