Although Prague is no Mexico City and hardly even matches Paris in size, it is growing so fast that not even a native of Prague, weaned on Vltava water, can find some places in their hometown without using a map. So what about visitors, especially from abroad?

Without a guide and a map, they are completely lost in an alien environment, language being just one of their problems. That is why we offer a cartographical assistant on this site. It is not just a regular map of the city with all traffic routes, nor just a map of the city’s surroundings. We also offer links to websites with route finders for the whole Czech Republic.

Furthermore, visitors to this site can find detailed maps of Prague’s historical centre, all accommodation, historical monuments, cultural points of interest and restaurants precisely marked. For cyclists we have a map of cycle-paths. For shoppers our price map will prove to be a great help – the flood map and photographic maps are also quite intriguing. So, there is no need to worry – you won't get lost in and around Prague with us.