This new information centre, fitted out in the spirit of the new visual style for Prague as a tourist destination and PCT, is to travel not only around Prague, but also to other regions. In Prague the staff will assist and inform people, while in other regions the aim will be to attract visitors to the Capital.

Prague – the place for a pleasant holiday

“A mobile information centre is just what Prague needs. In particular, the option to use it in different ways represents a great added value for our organisation, our citizens and foreign tourists. As an information centre it will serve the people who require our services during their stay in the city. Tours of other regions will ensure that Prague is represented as a place to spend a pleasant holiday. At specialist events the centre will concentrate on promotion of PCT itself,” said Nora Dolanská, Director of PCT.

United Islands, Signal and other events

Visitors to Holiday World will be able to judge the universality of the mobile information centre. Prague and PCT will be presented visually via a TV screen installed in one of the windows of the vehicle, while the interior has been equipped to provide a fully-fledged service. The attractively-styled vehicle will not be absent from any important event taking place in Prague this year. It will make an appearance, for example, in Old Town Square at celebrations of individual City Quarters, at the Signal festival of light, the United Islands music festival, Prague International Marathon and many other sports events.

Serving everyone

The red information vehicle could also help in the event of an emergency situation, such as the flood of last year. Its services could also be used in the future by exhibitors and organisers of congresses and trade fairs. The mobile information centre will also allow Prague City Tourism to save money on costs relating to presentation at specialist tourism trade fairs.