Germans, Russians, and Americans in lead

“Total statistics confirm all the trends which were observed last year in terms of tourism arrivals to Prague. The number of foreign tourists increased by 73,000 and 5% more Czechs visited its capital. Germans were the most numerous group, followed by Russians and tourists from the USA,” clarified Nora Dolanská, a general director of the Prague Information Services - Prague City Tourism (PIS – PCT).

More Czech visitors

Despite the fact that Prague attracts more foreign tourists, the Czech visitors are also on the increase (foreign guests present 86.4%, residents 13.6%). Support of Czech tourism is one of the priorities made by the PIS – PCT.

Poor economy – less tourists

The largest increase was noted from the Russian tourists (10% more than in 2012), followed by Americans (about 6%) and English tourists (2%). Conversely, there were fewer visitors from countries struggling through the economic crisis such as Spain and Italy.

This year the PIS – PCT aims to focus on promotion of Prague on existing markets – in Russia, Germany, USA, Great Britain, Italy, France, Spain, and South Korea.