“This year, the quays will continue to revitalise, which is good news. Prague’s quays are places that should primarily serve the public. People should not be walking through empty quays. I will make even more effort for Prague to support various events such as farmer’s markets and food trucks”, the Councillor said. “That way, we will not only revive the city centre, but we will also offer the inhabitants of Prague another opportunity to pass their leisure time in a pleasant environment on the banks of the Vltava river”, the Councillor adds. The Náplavka farmer’s market celebrates its tenth anniversary this year and people can not only buy fresh food here, but also grill their own traditional sausages, buřty, on an open fire in the heart of Prague.
“I would also like to highlight the organiser’s effort to think ecologically. Using returnable cups, and offering discounts for bringing your own tray, contribute to our efforts to improve Prague’s quays”, the Prague Councillor concludes.