Foyer below pathway

A new foyer, including a ticket area and bathrooms for visitors with barrier-free toilets, is part of the modern building. The elevation difference between the bus stop and the entrance is solved by an S-shaped path which was designed to interfere minimally with the vineyard. It means that part of it the pathway passes directly over the newly built entrance area. The vineyard wall also underwent a reconstruction and a passage between St. Claire’s Vineyard and the Ornamental Garden, which was completed last year, was also created as part of this project.


Accessible to all

According to Václav Jůzek, the head of the Botanical Garden’s Construction Department, the new entrance is the last part of the system of connecting paths across the garden, which makes the area accessible to people with special needs and families with young children and prams. Making exhibits accessible to people with special needs is one of the garden’s long-term goals. Last year, for example, they completed an international project called ‘Botanical Garden: COME IN! ENTER! COM IN! WEJDŹ! GYARE BE!’


Ladislav Lábus

Professor and architect Ladislav Lábus, the actor Jiří Lábus’ brother, is the architect of the new modern entrance area. Lábus is one of the leading figures of Czech architecture. The reconstruction of the Prague Castle Riding Hall (2007), the reconstruction of Lída Babková–Baarová’s Villa (2008) and the Hanspaulka Nové Vily project (2009) are among some of his most famous projects.


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