“The number of cyclists in the streets of Prague has increased by 39% after the declaration of a national emergency, compared to this time last year. The main positive is the significant growth in the number of people who regularly travel to work by bicycle. The number of cyclists on weekends fluctuates depending on the weather, but cycling for leisure has also increased by 26.1%,” Adam Scheinherr, Prague Deputy Mayor for Transport, said.

There has been an increase in cycling due to the coronavirus pandemic in cities where cycling is only developing as a method of transport or has recently been getting more support, such as London, Vienna, and Bogota. However, the fact that Prague residents have rediscovered the bicycle as a healthy, sustainable and eco-friendly means of transport is not only the result of the pandemic.

The city's budget for cycling infrastructure is increasing significantly. Prague has significantly increased its budget for cycling infrastructure. Previously isolated cycle lanes in Bohnice, Kobylisy and Troja have been connected into one functional unit; the safety of pedestrians and cyclists has increased thanks to new crossings; and the recently opened cycle path ‘Vodní prostup Rokytka’, a shortcut on route A26 and other routes from Vltava to Dolní Počernice, is one of the largest cycling projects of recent years.