“The campaign builds on previous surveys, from which we know, for example, that over 70 percent of tourists come to Prague for the first time, and therefore, they do not know the rules that apply here. This year's visuals will instruct tourists to keep the peace at night after 10pm, will inform them that alcohol consumptionis prohibited on the streets, and will notify them when they are in a residential zone. They will also learn that they can be fined up to €400 for disturbing the peace at night, so Prague will no longer be perceived as a city where anything is possible”, Petr Slepička, Director of Prague City Tourism, explained.

Tourists will see outdoor advertising in front of the Main Railway Station, on the bus stop for line 119 in the direction from the airport, and in the most problematic areas.

The survey is taking place on weekends from mid-July until early September in Dlouhá Street and the surrounding area, and on the Rašín Embankment, which are the places most affected by noise levels at night. The aim of the survey is to find out where tourists are from, how they travelled and with who, the purpose of their visit, where they stay, how and why they chose the area, and if they know about the rules that apply in that location.

In recent years, Prague has changed its approach to tourism. It no longer seeks to attract new tourists, but to improve tourism as it is. Mainly, the city wants to change its image as a party destination with cheap alcohol, to direct tourists to areas outside the city centre and to attract more tourists with cultural purposes.