Visitors to Hvězda Game Reserve (‘Obora Hvězda’) can now admire the newly repaired well house. This technical monument is located in the centre of the park, approximately 200m from Libocká Gate (‘Libocká brána’) on the road connecting Libocká and Bělohorská gates. In the past, it was a source of drinking water for the gamekeeper.

“Thanks to this reconstruction, visitors to Hvězda can admire the technical skills of our ancestors,” Petr Hlubuček, Deputy Mayor of Prague, says.

In the 19th century, a hand pump was installed above the well which simplified the collection of the water from the well. The hut was built to protect the well from the weather. The well is more than 32 metres deep, almost to the level of the Šárka Brook. Yet it is currently without water due to drought.

The aim of the repair was to protect the machinery of the well from damage and corrosion while making it possible for visitors to see this device. The technological equipment was preserved and provided with protective coatings. The windows in the gable walls were enlarged to allow visitors to see inside.

The renovation was carried out by the Department of Environmental Protection of Prague City Hall. The cost of the renovation was 500 000 CZK, and it was fully paid for from the budget of the City of Prague.