The works, which will take place from the ‘Průmyslová’ Road intersection to the MOL petrol station exit in the direction from the city centre, will continue until August 2019. The works will be carried out in stages, and Štěrboholská spojka will remain operational. The alternative entrance to the MOL petrol station and to the OC Europark Štěrboholy shopping centre will be provided through Ústřední Street and Nákupní Street. The exit to Štěrboholská spojka from the petrol station will remain open.

1st Stage: From the 18th of March till the 7th of May

The works will take place on the right-hand side of the road in the direction coming from the city centre. The link road normally has six lanes, three in each direction. During the first stage of road works, the right-hand side of the road will be completely closed. On the left-hand side of the road, two lanes will stay the same as usual, while one lane will be provided for traffic going in the opposite direction from the city centre.

It will not be possible to turn from Černokotelecká Street to Štěrboholská spojka. Alternative routes for the directions Hradec Králové, Mladá Boleslav and Kolín:

  • Private motorists will be diverted via Ústřední Street and Národních hrdinů Street, where they will reconnect onto Štěrboholská spojka.

  • Commercial transport will be diverted via Průmyslová Road. In the direction of the cities Hradec Králové and Mladá Boleslav, drivers will be redirected via Kbelská Street – Novopacká Street – Pražský okruh (D0 Motorway). In the direction of the town of Kolín, they will take Kbelská Street – Kolbenova Street – Chlumecká Street – Pražský okruh (D0 Motorway).

2nd and 3rdStages: From the 8th of May until August

Works will take place on the right-hand lanes of the link road in the direction from the city centre; traffic will be maintained by two lanes for each direction.

The Prague Technical Road Administration (TSK) is the investor of this project, and the contractor is STRABAG a.s..