V Ladech, a new landscape park built by the city on the territory between Biological Pond, Xaverov Pond and D8 motorway, is one of the five projects from Prague that reached the final stage of the competition. The overgrown, inaccessible space with muddy ponds and fields was made into a pretty park suitable for walks.

Another project implemented by the city of Prague is Plužiny, a six-hectare field which is an example of ecological farming on land that used to be cultivated using conventional methods.

The jury also selected the project for the complete reconstruction of the bottom and dyke of the former pond in the centre of the Royal Game Reserve - Stromovka in Prague, where the existing waterworks system was restored, and new water areas with wooden piers were created.

Two projects by private investors are also among the finalists. The residential complex SUOMI Hloubětín, which complements the city’s revitalisation of the area around the Rokytka Stream, and the ČSOB headquarters, the ČSOB Kampus, which was designed in a harmonious way with the Radlické Valley. The building blends perfectly with the surroundings, since it copies the relief of the slope where it is located, thanks to the materials used and the greenery on the roof. The heating and cooling solutions are especially unique.