It’s only human nature. Just as someone who has eaten well cannot understand someone who is hungry, there are few people who can fully understand the needs of people with various handicaps.

 For years these people weren’t talked about and were also hardly seen. They were hiding behind the windows of their homes. They were worried about being misunderstood and society wasn’t sure how to face them. The uncertainty of this relationship has only recently started changing. It’s still not ideal as prejudice has deep roots and it’s hard to overcome, in this sense we have a long road ahead. Nevertheless, it’s good that we have started together on this journey. Among us in Prague we have quite a large number of handicapped people.

 They are not only people in wheelchairs, blind, deaf or others with physical disability. Others are people with mental illnesses. Despite this they all want to live and can live a full life, just like the rest of us. It makes for a better life if we know how to help them. Our portal on this website gives space various organizations and charities whose goal is to help handicapped people. The website's aim is to inform handicapped people of the options that others have prepared for them.

 There is space for articles by handicapped people and we especially welcome these if this provides a way for them to confide their problems and the ways they are dealing with them on their own without the help of others.