From the 3rd to the 26th of June 2019, the 31st annual Tanec Praha Festival will take place. Over the course of the month, it will showcase world-renowned choreographers, as well as interesting young artists and workshops. For many, June will be a month of dance and thousands of people will enjoy it, not only in Prague but all over the Czech Republic. Tanec Praha will entertain audiences with a great variety of performances and introduce significant names in world dance.


A varied quality programme

The main mission of the festival is to make the general public aware of current trends and top works in the field of theatre and dance.

“We have carefully selected from hundreds of offers for the festival so that the programme would be varied, of a high quality, and capable of reaching out to various target groups. We therefore selected ‘family friendly’ works that have been created for adult viewers, but are also suitable for children of school-going ages,”says YvonaKreuzmannová, the director and founder of Tanec Praha.


Artists from abroad

This year, a number of prominent foreign artists will come to the festival, from closer neighbours, such as France, Switzerland and Israel, as well as more distant countries, like Madagascar, Indonesia and Ghana. Home artists traditionally have a significant presence in the programme.


Korean choreographer will start the festival off

The festival will be launched by spontaneous Korean choreographer Eun-Me Ahn with great dancers and a performance called ‘Let Me Change Your Name’. This project will be performed in Ponec Theatre three times. The world-renowned artist thrilled audiences last year with ‘Dancing Grandmothers’. This year, she will amaze viewers, again with rhythmic electro beats and impressive young dancers’ energetic moves, full of energy blending perfectly with the minimalist hypnotic performance by the choreographer herself.



The festival’s motto is “Curiosity is the gateway to experience”. And the workshops on this year’s programme will certainly bring you interesting experiences. Are you interested in how artists from Asia, Africa and Europe approach physical movement? Try out the different styles yourself! In addition, workshops will be given by the artists, who you can also see on stage during the festival.


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