Jan Kovářík

Jan Kovářík is a graduate of Professor Jindřich Zeithamml’s Sculpture Studio at the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, and also studied in Professor Milan Knížák’s Studio of Intermedia Creation at the Academy for two semesters. He has been exhibiting independently since 2002.

His works are exhibited in the National Gallery in Prague, and recently in the Gallery of the Central Bohemian Region’s permanent exhibition, and in many private collections in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Kovářík is not a classic figural sculptor. His creations are firm and durable sculptures which have a very tender look, as if they grew up in nature.


Temptation to touch the art

Kovářík’s art captivates with its shape – all his sculptures are smooth, round and enticing to the touch. “An idea can arise, for example, when observing water, but the final shape is born with difficulty, and the time from the initial idea to the final realization can take up to three years,” the author describes his creative process.


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