The exhibition is composed of photographic panels. However, lovely photos of wild animals are not to be expected. Illegal animal trade is the theme of the exhibition. Some people might assume that this type of trade is not much of an issue outside of Asia and Africa, but this is not the case. The Stolen Wildlife Campaign aims to educate the general public on the subject of animal trade in the Czech Republic.


Think before you buy

The project appeals to Czech citizens to not buy the following products when travelling abroad: illegally caught fish and bush meat from wild animals, whale and shark meat, certain furs and jewellery, as well as certain traditional Asian medicines. The photographer Lucie Čižmářová’s exhibition points out specific issues, and includes information about the estimated extent of various problems.

The photographs only show animals or animal parts, including ivory, rhino horns and furs, which were seized by the Czech authorities.


Exhibition experts

The whole Stolen Wildlife project is based on Pavla Říhová’s experience as the Head of the Department of International Biodiversity Protection in cooperation with CITES of the Czech Environmental Inspectorate. Říhová works on the campaign along with Petr Čolas, the director of Ostrava Zoo; František Příbrský, field zoologist at Ostrava Zoo and head of the rescue program Kukang; photographer Lucie Čižmářová, and other team members.


The exhibition is open until the 22nd of March 2020.

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