Prague City Hall aims to find new ways to revitalise the city centre and the economy during the gradual relaxing of the coronavirus restrictions. The testing of traffic around the Smetanovo Embankment will apply from Saturday the 23rd of May 2020 and will last at least until the end of the summer. The road will be filled with pleasant beer gardens instead of busy traffic. The city is responding to requests from pubs, cafés and restaurants in the Smetanovo embankment between Národní Street and the Park of National Awakening (‘Park Národního probuzení’).

“Where is a better place to bring the city back to life than the Park of National Awakening? Currently, we are planning the best use for this beautiful space overlooking Prague Castle. We hope to bring the residents of Prague here to enjoy the cultural scene, to eat good food and drink, and to just sit and relax with friends and family,” Hana Třeštíková, Prague City Councillor for Culture, said.