It brings together musicians without audiences and music-lovers who spend their time at home. Anyone can apply for a concert outside their house, in front of a hospital or nursing home, for themselves or to cheer up a loved one, on the website. The organisers prepare concerts with the musicians who are taking part. The singer Katarzia, The Brownies band, Tereza Černochová, Jan Burian and other artists have already supported the project.

The ‘Hrajeme do oken’ project follows the well-established project ‘Vážný zájem’ (‘Serious Interest’), which brings classical music concerts to peoples’ homes. ‘Hrajeme do oken’ adapts to the current situation, where playing music outside people’s houses and in front of nursing homes and hospitals protects both the musicians and the audience. The music genres vary from classical music to jazz and alternative music.

The ‘Hrajeme do oken’ project has already started, and concerts will continue until June at the earliest.