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The Cosmos Discovery exhibition was created in cooperation with NASA. It maps the milestones and evolution of human journeys to space. With an area of over two thousand square metres, visitors will have the opportunity to see the original US Saturn V rocket nozzle that transported Apollo 11 to the Moon, and original parts of other space shuttles, space stations and spaceships. The latest collaborations between national space agencies and private companies, with the common goal of colonising the Moon and piloting flights to Mars, are also introduced in the exhibition.

Cosmo Camp allows you to attempt the challenging astronaut training and 3D virtual reality for both adults and children. For students, space-themed worksheets and quizzes are also available to download on the exhibition’s website. The youngest visitors will appreciate the audio-guided children’s trail.


Night tours

The exhibition’s reopening of the exhibition brought a new feature, night tours, which take place every Friday and Saturday between 6pm and 10:30pm. As a small gift, every evening visitor will receive a funny cosmos mask.

Tickets can be purchased directly at the exhibition box office until 9pm or online.

More information can be found at the webpage:  in Czech

and in English.