You don’t have to stop your regular physical exercise only because you cannot go to your favourite sports centres. You can exercise and dance at home under the instruction of a famous dance teacher.


Online workshop

Join other enthusiasts and try out online dance workshops with the dancer and choreographer Václav Kuneš, co-founder and artistic director of 420PEOPLE. Václav Kuneš broadcasts his lessons on the 420PEOPLE Facebook profile every daily at 10:30am in Czech and at 6pm in English. If you miss the live lessons, you can always go back and watch videos from previous days.

Half an hour of dance and exercise fulfils your daily exercise requirements, but more importantly, it releases tension from the body after a long day at home and releases any anxiety you may feel about the current situation and the future.



The name of the contemporary dance ensemble 420PEOPLE comes from the Czech telephone country code, +420.

“We are positive, because thanks to the audience’s support, we can continue working online. Thanks to the live workshops on our social networks, we can stay in touch with you every day. Staying fit, moving and sharing can help us all get through this. We fight together!” Kuneš says to his viewers.