Four devils in Prague

The island of Tasmania is the Tasmanian devil’s only natural habitat. However, their numbers are declining dramatically. A strong population must be bred in human care in order to ensure the survival of the species.

In Prague Zoo, four of the largest living carnivorous marsupials inhabit the new Australian fauna habitat. In the future, the zoo hopes to successfully reproduce them.


A piece of Australia and Tasmania in Prague

The new habitat includes six outdoor enclosures, two aviaries and an indoor breeding facility for animals, which visitors can see. The biggest enclosure is inhabited by large kangaroos, and visitors can look at them from a suspended path.

A total of 22 species of Australian and Tasmanian fauna inhabit Darwin Crater. Apart from Tasmanian devils, visitors can admire wombats, kangaroos of various species and Australian birds, as well as tree ferns and other Australian flora.


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