Eco-studio in the Orangery

The seasonal creative atelier, which also serves as a relaxation space, is situated in the southern part of the Troja Château Gardens. The beautiful gardens, the current short-term exhibitions, and of course the architecture and decoration of the château, will surely offer inspiration for your artwork.


Especially for children

Special educational sheets, which thematically connect the château and the gardens, are available for children. They focus on a variety of subjects, such as baroque art, antique designs, art and nature, plants and the elements in art, and the four times of the day, morning, day, evening and night.


Principles of recycling

A lot of the art techniques are based around recycling, which is currently a very popular topic. You can try to make handmade paper, work with natural fibres, dye textiles and creatively reuse waste. During your work, you can also discover different uses of natural materials, such as clay, hay, stones and sand, exploring how they look, feel and sound.


Qualified lectures

Qualified internal instructors and external lecturers with various specializations, as well as artists themselves, take part in the organisation, in connection with exhibitions of their own work in Prague City Gallery.

The workshop organisers have also prepared haptic activities for people who are blind and have sight loss, and others.

The workshops are suitable for all visitors, including families with children.


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