Stanislav Krupař’s heart belongs to the Tuva Republic and Siberia is his second home. He enjoys the freedom of travelling through the untouched landscape for days.

He has been visiting this area of ​​southern Siberia since 1994 and has been to Tuva more than forty times. Over the past eighteen years, he has mainly focused on the local documentation of shamanism. Now, visitors to the Náprstek Museum can enjoy this multimedia presentation of his work.


Shamanic exhibits

Magic and spirituality, especially shamanism, is spread throughout Siberia in various forms. Over time, Krupař became close with two dozen Tuvinian shamans and records their ceremonies and daily life through photos, videos and audio recordings. He will introduce a part of his collection of contemporary Tuvinian shamanic exhibits to visitors.


Relaxation area

A zone for visitors with a thematic playground and a relaxation area can be found behind the exhibition. Various texts and interactive elements are available throughout the exhibition, which are suitable for visitors of all ages.

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