Interactive exhibits

“Interactive exhibits will allow visitors to assemble anatomical models, check the functionality of mechanical inventions and machines, build geometric structures and the inventor’s self-supporting bridge, admire the model of da Vinci's famous armoured vehicle, reproduce the painter’s drawings and digitally edit and project images of the Mona Lisa,” the curator, Ondřej Sedláček, says.



Leonardo da Vinci was arguably the greatest genius of all time. He was brilliant in many ways – he was a sculptor, painter, architect, naturalist, musician, inventor, designer and even a writer. Reading his notes, however, is not an easy task, as they were written in mirrored writing. He was left-handed and probably dyslexic, so this unique method of writing was more natural for him. However, it is also argued that he wrote backwards and omitted details in his notes and drawings in order to keep his ideas secret…

The exhibition in Chvalský zámek will inspire you and leave you in awe of the Italian creator who lived over 500 years ago, but whose genius was beyond his time.


Further information can be found at: Webpage is in Czech.