Celebrating life and humanity

The controversial and original artist is definitely the Czech Republic’s most famous photographer. Despite criticism, he is internationally famous and his work is well-renowned.

Jan Saudek began his career by creating photographs of himself. At the beginning of his work, he focused on capturing motherhood and fatherhood. In the 1980s, his photographs were more provocative and erotic, expressing relationships between men and women, love and attraction as well as hatred and aggression. His models were young girls, beautiful women and older ladies. He produced the series ‘Cards’ in the 1990s, photographs of women’s upper bodies from the front and back, facing up and facing down, like the images in playing cards.

One of Saudek’s favourite themes is a woman, a man, or lovers in various situations in front of an open window. During this period, his work ranges from erotic and animalistic to perverse.

Jan Saudek’s work is controversial and provocative. It contains several meanings but is also a celebration of humanity and life itself.

Further information can be found at https://www.facebook.com/events/268175971177072/?event_time_id=268175974510405. Webpage is in Czech.