Become a palaeontologist

Nine stops with information boards will allow you to follow in the footsteps of prehistoric creatures. Each stop introduces a historical period, represented by a selected animal species whose fossilised imprint can be found there.


Via Zakázanka trail to the lookout view

Another inconspicuous trail in Prague Zoo, which should not be missed when you wander around the zoo, is the Zakázanka Trail leading from the Great Aviary to the refreshment bar V Oboře. The rock mass it passes through is biologically and geologically very valuable, and you will find rare thermophilic animals and plants there. It has recently undergone a reconstruction and was supplemented with information boards describing the surrounding fauna and flora. In addition, the road in the upper part ends with a suspended viewing point.


Beneath the zoo

Under the Zakázanka Trail, visitors will find another interesting exposition: near the large birds of prey aviary is the entrance to the historic gallery dating back to the mid-19th century. The few-dozen-metre-long underground passage was probably originally created to mine iron, and it served as air-raid shelter during the Second World War. Information boards on its history and examples of archaeological finds from the site are also located here.

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