The ‘KOMenský v KOMiksu’ exhibition was organised in cooperation with UNESCO and is a part of the Czech National Celebrations of J. A. Comenius programme. The celebrations take place from 2020 to 2022 and remind us of the 350-year anniversary of the death and 430-year anniversary of the birth of the ‘Teacher of the Nations’.


First comics about the ‘Teacher of the Nations’

Comenius’s life has been described in many different formats, such as books and films; however, these are the first comics about Comenius. The museum wanted to prepare something exceptional for the celebrations.

At first glance, it may seem that the exhibition is mainly intended for children, but it is really suitable for people of all ages.

Klára Smolíková, popular children’s author, comic book writer and lecturer, wrote the story. Lukáš Fibrich, who is known among others for ABC magazine, painted the beautiful illustrations. Andrea Koblasová’s interactive features complement the exhibition.


Cross section of life

Through the description of the famous educator, theologian and philosopher’s life story, you will learn about the main events that compose the mosaic of his life, works and legacy.

Come and see the adventures of the ‘Teacher of the Nations’

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