“We want to make riverbanks a centre of life for the residents of Prague. The riverbanks will be areas full of events during the summer and I believe people in Prague will really like spending their time there,” Jan Chabr, Prague Councillor for Property, said.

Chabr also explains that Hořejší Embankment (‘Hořejší nábřeží‘ in Czech) became more lively thanks to the opening of the newly reconstructed ‘kobky’ (‘dungeons’), which were created from the spaces under the road that which were once used as storage spaces and for catching ice for the safety of the riverbank. Each of these reconstructed spaces now has its own distinctive character, as does each riverbank.The Councillor points out that it will be even easier now to explore this beautiful embankment now, thanks to the ferry. At the same timea number of various events will be organised on the Hořejší nábřeží. “I can tell you that you can look forward to exhibitions, food events, craft markets, and even the Parkour festival,” Chabr said.


The ferry, called Šemík, is operated by Zdeněk Bergman, a well-known ferryman in Prague. He explains that the name of the ship refers to the Old Czech Legends, in which a horse called Šemík  saves the lord of Neumětel, Horymír’s, life, by jumping over the walls of Vyšehrad with him. According to the legend, Šemík and Horymírfell from the Vyšehrad rock into the Vltava River, which they crossed all the way to Neumětely, where the heroic horse Šemík died, as a result of his injuries.