Das Sommerkino is a branch of Das Filmfest festival, which takes place during the summer. Until the 28th of August, films from Germany, Austria and Switzerland are screened in German with Czech and/ or English subtitles.

Germans or Turks?

This year, cinemagoers will be thrilled by director Fatih Akin’s German-Turkish drama ‘Head-On’ (‘Gegen die Wand’), a story about German descendants of Turkish parents trying to break out of strong familial and cultural ties. Cahit Tomruk, the male protagonist, finds himself in a psychiatric clinic after a suicide attempt, where he meets Sibel, a girl from an Orthodox Muslim family who desperately desires the freedom of European women. The director based the film on his own experience as a descendant of Turkish parents growing up in Germany, giving this bitter love story authenticity and credibility. The film will be screened with English subtitles.

Klubovna in Dejvice

The August part of the festival will take place in Klubovna, a unique cultural and community centre in Dejvice, Prague, which has been operating in the building of a former 1950s school since 2009. It is operated by the civic organisation Povaleč with the support of the Municipal District of Prague 6 and the general public.

Klubovna (‘clubhouse’ in English) was originally founded by students for students, but over time it became an integral part of Prague’s cultural life. It holds concerts and regular film and theatre evenings, and there is also a garden where the locals can grow fruit and vegetables.


Further information available on: www.dasfilmfest.cz/cs. The webpage is in Czech and German.