The great benefit of lavender is that it is beautiful all year round. It glows a soft green colour in the spring. In the summer, it brightens into its well-known purple and blue shades. And lavender does not lose its charm even after the harvest and over the winter, when it has a cool grey-green colour. However, lavender is not only popular due to its beauty, but also for its long-lasting scent, which can be smelled even after being dried, its insect-repelling qualities, and its many health benefits.

If you enter the garden through the entrance from Nádvorní Street, you will come across the lavender bushes growing up to 80 centimetres tall after only a few minutes of walking. You will find them near the central flower bed, along the wall by the St. Claire’s Chapel. A number of varieties are planted here, so visitors to the garden will not only see purple, but also light blue, light pink and white blooming lavender.

Whole field of medical lavender

Lavandula angustifolia, known as English lavender, true lavender, or common lavender, is probably the best-known species, whose most attractive variety has dark purple blooms. Lavender is also planted in the large Mediterranean exposition, where a whole lavender field can be found.

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