About the offer

The Moravian Library and The National Library of the Czech Republic in Prague are behind the project ‘Knihovny proti viru’ (‘Libraries against the Virus’). You cannot borrow physical books from libraries, but a number of libraries have made their electronic resources available, allowing you to read, watch and listen online and on your reading and mobile devices free of charge. You can access the portal with everything the libraries can offer with the hashtag #Knihovnyprotiviru.


Books on offer

The portal www.knihovny.cz allows you to explore Czech and foreign library collections. Books, articles, theses, patents, standards, legislations and other documents are available as electronic resources.


Study with Kramerie

Nearly 59 million pages of digitised content, which were previously only accessible on library computers, have been made available to students. Thanks to DILIA, ‘Ochranná organizace autorská’ (the Organisation for the Protection of Authors), and the Association of Czech Booksellers and Publishers, these texts are now available for a limited time to facilitate home studying. You can find them on the Kramerius application website.


For further information, please visit https://www.knihovny.cz.